What Is A Downspout Offset? 2″, 4″, 6″ Offsets

Downspout offsets are similar to elbows because they help curve downspouts so we can position them in desired locations.

What makes offsets different from elbows is offsets allow us to position a downspout forward or backward midway through the spout.

Common applications for installing offsets include going around brick that is positioned midway up a home’s siding, positioning downspouts around the rails of a deck, or going around pipes on the exterior of the home.

Offsets come in three unique sizes. 2″ offsets, 4″ offsets, and 6″ offsets.

To find what size offset you will need to measure the depth of the object you would like to move around. If you measure a brick area that sticks out 3″ from the wall above or below, you will need a 4″ offset.

6 inch offset 1