How To Refasten A Downspout Into Brick Siding | DIY

Disconnected downspouts are by far the most common issue with most gutter systems. In most cases, the reason is due of improper downspout installation. Frequently installers are screwing improper screws into the mortar or not using the right downspout screws.

If you have downspouts blowing in the wind or not connected at all this article is for you. Follow the instructions below to learn how to refasten a downspout to a brick or concrete wall.

Tools You’ll Need

Drill & Impact Driver –…

3/16 in. Steel Carbide Tip Masonry Drill Bit –…

3/16 in. x 1-1/4 in. Tapcon Concrete Anchors –…

¼ in. Impact Duty Nut Driver –…

¼ in. guttering screws –…

Downspout Straps –…

Downspout Installation Instructions

#1. Drill A Hole Directly Into The Brick

Using a 3/16 inch steel carbide tip masonry drill bit drill two holes directly into the brick. One hole should go six inches from the top of your downspout and one hole six inches from the bottom.

Do not drill a hole in the mortar. The mortar is soft and will not be able to hold any type of screw or fastener. When installing a downspout you are never supposed to anchor to the mortar of the brick.

#2. Fasten A Downspout Strap To The Wall Using Tapcons

Using one Tapcon screw, pre-screw a screw into the downspout strap. Fully screw the strap into the pre-drilled hole in the brick from step #1.

Do not over torque the tapcon screws. Over torquing will cause the screw to slip and it will not be able to hold the strap in place.

Follow this step for the strap at the bottom of the downspout.

#3. Fasten The Downspout To The Downspout Straps

Slide your downspout over top of the connecting downspout elbow above it. When the downspout is in place, wrap the strap around the downspout from both sides. Pull the strap tight so both sides of the strap are overlapping. Place one screw into the center of the overlapping straps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you supposed to drill into the brick or the mortar?

You should drill directly into the brick and always avoid using the mortar as an anchor point. 

The mortar is soft, contains air bubbles, and frequently flakes over time. The most common reason downspouts disconnect from home is because they were anchored to the mortar.

What types of screws work best for screwing into brick?

The screws we recommend for fastening downspouts to a brick or concrete wall are Tapcons.

Tapcons are specially designed for anchoring into bricks and concrete. 

Where is the best place to purchase new downspouts?

If you are looking for a basic white or brown downspout you can pick them up at your local Home Depot or Lowes. If you need an off-white, tan, or any other color downspout, contact ABC Supply or another construction supply company.

How much does it cost to hire someone to replace a new downspout?

At Chappell Gutter Cleaning we offer complete downspout replacement starting at $119.99 per full downspout. if you have the downspout and just need it reattached please contact us for pricing.

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