How To Install Small Hole Gutter Guards

Small-hole gutter guards are one of the most popular styles of leaf covers on the market. Whether you are a gutter professional or a homeowner looking to DIY these gutter guards will be a fast and easy install. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to install small-hole gutter guards.

How To Install Small-Hole Gutter Guards

The small hole design is the best gutter guard because of two reasons. This gutter guard is durable and extremely easy to install.

Install Process

To install the small hole leaf filter simply place the gutter guard in the back of the gutter against the drip edge and push in on one side of the guard. The front of the guard will lock into place around the front lip of the gutter. Once you have one side of the guard locked in move your hand placement and push in near the center of the guard. Continue this process till the entire guard is locked into place.

Additional Tools Needed

Tin Snips are the only additional tool you will need to install these gutter guards. When you come to an endcap or corner simply cut the guard to the desired length using your tin snips.

Where To Purchase

Small-Hole Gutter Guards can be purchased at many home improvement and exterior building supply chains across the United States.


Lowes offers both 5″ Spectra Armour Lock Guards and 6″ Spectra Armour Lock Guards

Home Depot:

Home Depot offers a large variety of brands that offer a small-hole gutter guard design. 5″ E-Z Zip, 5″ Spectra Metals, and 6″ Spectra Metals to name a few.


Amazon is also another great place to purchase self-locking small-hole gutter covers as well.

ABC Supply:

ABC Supply is one of the United States’ largest exterior supply retailers. If you are looking for Small Hole Leaf Covers call your local ABC Supply to see if they have them in stock.

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