The 2 Best Downspout Strap Screws

Needing to reattach a downspout is one of the most common repairs on a gutter system. This is an easy task as long as you have the correct hardware to complete the job. These are the best downspout strap screws for reinstalling a downspout and fastening it to your home.

Attaching A Strap To A Home And Downspout Requires Two Types Of Screws

1 1/2″ Hanger Screws W/HEX Bit

The 1 1/2″ hanger screw by Raytec is the best screw to use while fastening a downspout strap to the wall of a home. Pro’s use the 1 1/2″ gutter screws on every downspout strap regardless of the home exterior materials. This downspout screw is strong, durable, and mounts well with most anchors. Each downspout strap will require just one 1 1/2″ gutter screw.

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Compatible Wall Anchors (optional)

1/2″ Painted Accessory Screws W/HEX Bit

1/2″ painted gutter screws are used for screwing downspouts to the downspout straps. These screws can be found in many different colors to blend in with the gutters, are easily screwed into place, and are small enough to not create blockage throughout the gutter system. Each downspout strap requires two 1/2″ painted gutter screws.

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